When you feed a horse they need a lot of care and attention. For a new horse owner, picking feeds can be a little overwhelming. Equine nutritionists generally break down a horse's nourishment into crucial areas which are mentioned below


Water must be the very first concern when considering your horse's nourishment. Water regulates every system in a person's body and with no water or if the water contains harmful ingredients inside, a horse can get dehydrated and experience serious and debilitating conditions. You can click here for more info about Nutritional Supplements.

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A horse will have to take enough water to coincide with its activities level. A working horse and a horse maintained for leisure will have different water intake requirement. Horse’s sweat much like humans do and that water must be substituted.


This nutrient is found in each food material that develops in the world from cows to dandelions. Even though people typically associate protein or milk, a horse could get its protein from vegetable sources. Alfalfa, particularly the second and third cut, provides excellent protein.

Protein is an important part of a horse's diet as it aids muscle growth, especially so for young horses. A fantastic sign that a horse may not be getting sufficient protein is the development of a rough coat of hair.


This nutrient is the basic energy unit that you will find in most forms of horse feed. Carbohydrates are easily digestible and provide ready and fast energy