Yes, medical marijuana is good for your health. There is currently an increasing interest in the use of medical marijuana to treat everything from cancer to menstrual cramps and migraine headaches.

People who won't be caught using marijuana are now interested in medical marijuana because it might save their lives.

There are many companies which provide marijuana or cannabis transporting services. Nowadays, there are many licensed medical marijuana transport service in Michigan are available.

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Medical professionals around the world have used marijuana for thousands of years to treat various diseases. Modern medical men begin to recognize medical marijuana can help in the treatment and healing of many diseases.

Modern use

Today in many parts of India and especially in Ayer Veda, marijuana is used to treat various types of diseases. It is also used as a sedative, analgesic, anti-hemorrhoidal, and antispasmodic.

One might conclude that marijuana is only used in 'backward' Asian countries without the knowledge of modern medical practices, but people will be wrong. Napoleonic forces used it to treat burns, as a sedative and as a pain reliever.

A study that indicated that marijuana could be used for epilepsy, infant convulsions, treatment of tetanus, rabies convulsions, treatment of depression, as a sedative and hypnosis in relieving anxiety and having property antibiotics.